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Together with our partner we start looking into all the data that is being gathered on the partners own platforms. First of all this data is for free but most important it is the best insight into the present business. How many people are visiting the site, what are they looking at, what are they buying and how are they behaving? Based on this information and with focus on the new business targets we develop a plan for the future.


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Based on first and third party data we use different creatives and copy texts for different target groups. Depending on the results we get in real time from the campaign we start to optimize the creative set up. What is running well, what colors or copy is not doing so good, if a customer has bought a product should we try to target a supplementary product in the next ad etc. The goal is to personalize every single ad to maximize their effect


Through real time bidding we access millions of impressions and pre rolls every minute. NAX will also set up fixed deals with publishers and sites that are performing exceptionally well. We work with banners, video solutions and natives text

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We have a holistic view of the entire digital ecosystem that the client is working with. What is happening at their sites and platforms, how is the turn over developing, how well is the campaign running and what sites and creatives are doing the best effect. Based on this we optimize the campaign in real time and in some cases the site structure or the copy in this native texts to increase and evolve the business for our clients. By measuring all digital activities we get full insight. Based on this information and with full programmatic service we get the flexibility to maximize the clients marketing efficiency and thereby increasing their business in real time.